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(Coffee, Cold Brew, Tea, Juice, Ice, Cup Sealing, Ice-Cream, etc.)

At Supermax, we offer a large range of coffee machines to suit every need. Our specialty is our quality coffee machines line which include both single and double coffee brewers, as well as both cappuccino and espresso machines, which all pair perfectly with our delectable forms of coffee. We also have our specialty nitro-infused cold-brew iced coffee machines, to be specifically paired with our cold-brew product line. We also offer Grinder machines for use with our Coffee-Beans line, and Warmer machines to keep your coffee at the perfect temperature. We also stock an assortment of other machines, such as cup-sealing machines for use with our PP cups, as well as Tea and Juice machines for your exact beverages of choice. We also offer Ice machines to keep your beverages cool, and even Ice-cream machines for those with a sweet tooth.

Coffee Machine


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