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Supermax was founded as a small business in New York City with a vision of supplying the "City that Never Sleeps" with quality, flavorful, reliable coffee. The goal was to do this without sacrificing consumer happiness or trust in any way, and to be of reliable service through dedication and care. We have proudly grown to serve our consumers' needs, both domestically and internationally. Through the years, our mission has never changed and our resolve has never faltered. We remain motivated as ever to making your experience with Supermax as smooth and refreshing as our coffee.





“I have measured out my life with coffee spoons.” 

- T.S. Eliot -

Coffee Supply House


Making Coffee

Supermax prides itself on delivering quality coffee from the best quality sourced beans. Our roasts are renowned for not only their smooth great taste, but their reliability in an ever-changing market. We also carry both espresso and decaf in both bean and ground form. Additionally we supply our 10 oz retail ground line El Tipico with origin-sourcing including Colombian, Ecuadorian, Salvadorian, Guatemalan, and Honduran. We take satisfaction in the variety of products under the Supermax umbrella, and the ability to meet our consumer needs across a spectrum of products and services.

Coffee Machine

Supermax offers both Hot Coffee and our specialty Cold-Brew Iced Coffee, in combination with our industrial line of coffee machines for commercial usage or for serious coffee connoisseurs. We carry supplies & accessories for our coffee products such as straws, sleeves, stirrers, and lids in both flat and dome styles. In addition, cups in various sizes, such as 10 oz, 12 oz, and 16 oz, and materials such as paper and plastic. We even offer PP cups for use with our cup-sealing machines for specified products such as tapioca bubble tea. Other machines we supply include ice machines to keep your beverages cold, or warmer machines to keep your coffee exactly where you need it to be. Further variety includes our commercial tea, juice, and ice-cream machines.

Supermax directly imports specialty coffee/tea syrup from France through our partnership with the renowned 1883 brand, perfect as a rich flavor additive to take your cup to the next level. We also supply Tea in both hot and iced forms, as well as other beverages such as sweet juices and coconut water. In addition, we've got your soda needs covered with latin favorites such as Inca Kola and Tropicalisima Banana. For our consumers with a sweet tooth look no further than our Chocolate line, which we supply from domestically as well as direct importation from Brazil. We also proudly carry our Chorizo (Latin sausages) line to meet commercial or residential needs through our partnership with our family-owned supplier. With over 30 years in the industry and always professionally packed and vacuum sealed, we are able to supply origin products of Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, El Salvador, and Honduras among others. In addition to our Coffee and Food Supply items, Supermax offers custom-print work for your individual overall needs. Whether it's having your specific logo on cups or bags, or even bakery or pizza boxes, we are here to help take your business presentation where you need it to be.

We continue developing our line of available coffees, beverages, machines, and services without sacrificing the same reliable top-quality products that our consumers love. Supermax remains committed as ever to fulfilling our promise of satisfaction, dedication, and care that our customers have grown to expect from Supermax with every order.

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